Here at Miladama our focus is on helping visionaries make distinctive and enthralling works that take expression in the world.

Our works maximise their capacity to make great impact by using the power of design and creative thinking.


fortune otega

The foundation of Miladama is that of adapdable collaboration. We have tailored our team's culture and process to be the perfect playground for creatives who are always excited about the work that they do. We designed our entire work process and environment to follow the nature of nurture.

We adhere to the philosophy of open collaboration with our clients, because we believe that genuine creative partnerships is the way to educe great work.

For us and our clients, it is important to make memorable and significant works, that are both strategic and guided by creative instinct. Our creative process is concurrently intuitive and logical. We aim to always solve a given set of problems, yet flexible enough to explore our curiosity within the scope of our works.
We see the present, we study the past, we create the future


Our works span across multiple creative endeavours. We are called upon to bring solutions to both simple and complex issues that only design and creative thinking can solve.

Brand Identity

Visible and invisible identity systems for new and established brands.

Creative Consulting

We apply our creative eye and plethora of creative knowledge in advising clients on creative issues.

Digital Design

Digital communication design, website & app design, print design and general graphic design.


We create writing content that both humans and search engines love.

Graphic Design

We use illustrations, animations and other graphic tools to help communicate information and ideas.

Architecture / Interior Design

This department focuses on constantly looking for new exciting ways to create structures and interiors.

Our Values

Our values, culture and everything we do is built on the 8 legs.


We value creativity.
We value original ideas and the application of the imagination.


We value collaboration.
This is the hallmark of civilisation and humanity's progress.


We value curiosity.
In our world creativity and curiosity are synonymous.


We value flexibity.
We appreciate the rules.


We value intuition.
Our best works come from following our inner feelings.


We value idea meritocracy.
May the best idea win.


We value tenacity.
All human progress came through tenacious rigour.


We value resourcefulness.
We appreciate resources.